The (W)rapper, a new architectural monstrosity in Culver City, Los Angeles

“Anything goes in the land of pop culture” I don’t know about you, but I find great architecture to be very near the pinnacle of human civilization. A testament to our abilities and ambitions. A way of capturing the ethos of our time in semi-permanent, or permanent, form.  I tend to cringe at modern andContinue reading “The (W)rapper, a new architectural monstrosity in Culver City, Los Angeles”

Why the Government Wants Cryptocurrency Regulated

As the market for cryptocurrency continues to grow the regulators in Washington and Wall Street are increasingly worried. While regulators have blamed cryptocurrency for illegal uses like funding terrorism and funding illicit drug operations, the truth of the matter is that cash is mostly used for illicit activities, not cryptocurrency. The worry is that governmentContinue reading “Why the Government Wants Cryptocurrency Regulated”

Since protections for gray wolves were removed in January, groups and states have moved to open up hunting

The Idaho House on Tuesday approved legislation allowing the state to hire private contractors and expand methods to kill wolves roaming Idaho — a measure that could cut the wolf population by 90%. Sign our petition at Lawmakers voted 58-11 to send the agriculture industry-backed bill to Republican Gov. Brad Little. The fast-tracked billContinue reading “Since protections for gray wolves were removed in January, groups and states have moved to open up hunting”

Politics In American Business

**Excuse this momentary detour into American politics** The April 23rd, 2021 edition of The Economist states in their leader headline that “business and politics are growing closer in America, with worrying consequences.” It is quite obvious they are referring to the growing political comments made by America’s CEOs. This has disturbed far left liberals, oldContinue reading “Politics In American Business”

Episode: The Social Network of Forests

Have a listen – Chad “Foresters once regarded trees as solitary individuals: They competed for space and resources, but were otherwise indifferent to one another. The work of the Canadian ecologist Suzanne Simard upended that. She found that while there is indeed conflict in a forest, there is also negotiation, reciprocity and even selflessness.” “Ms.Continue reading “Episode: The Social Network of Forests”

Short Film: Beavers Without Borders (2020)

From EcoHustler: Britain’s beavers could be major allies in tackling the climate and extinction crises – but without more public and government support face a fragile future, says Beaver Trust as it launches a new documentary film exploring the country’s relationship with the endangered but controversial species. The charity’s short film, Beavers Without Borders, explores the benefitsContinue reading “Short Film: Beavers Without Borders (2020)”