Abt Chad

Chad Hagan is an entrepreneur, financier and author. He’s been active in finance and investment, entrepreneurship and philanthropy for the past 20 years. His forthcoming book “Global Family Office Investing” will be published by Palgrave summer of 2021.

As an entrepreneur and financier he is active in entrepreneurial and corporate endeavors internationally and domestically in corporate finance, media & entertainment, healthcare, real estate and consumer commodities.

A well-known analyst and blogger, Chad’s general macroeconomics blog Chaganomics International was archived by the Library of Congress Economics Blogs Web Archive collection in 2019, and has been recognized as one of the worlds top economics blogs.

Through the Hagan Family Foundation, founded by Robert W. Hagan, Chad is active in philanthropy supporting education, environmentalism and the arts at large. He oversees HaganArts – the art program of the Hagan Family Foundation- which supports British and American art through programming, productions and collecting. He has also worked in documentary films and recorded music since 2004.

Chad begin working in his families enterprises at a very young age and was heavily influenced by his father and maternal grandfather‘s international business contacts. He attended Harvard University and the University of London (LSE & Royal Holloway). He is primarily based in Atlanta, with secondary headquarters in West London, England. He married Emily (Wheeler) in 2008.