Hello…I am am based out of Atlanta, Georgia and London, England; on Twitter @chadwickhagan; and a frequent speaker and writer on finance and philanthropy, fine art and the environment.

I am active in philanthropy through the Hagan Family Foundation, and chair the foundation program initiatives: HaganArts and HFF Nature Trust.

Official Biography:

Chadwick Hagan, FRSA, FLS is a financier, entrepreneur, environmentalist, producer and author.

Business Career:
A lifelong student of economic history, commodities, and financial markets, as a family office investor, deals and investments led by Chad have received attention worldwide.

Chad is a partner at Hagan Capital Group, a financial consultant, advisor and mergers and acquisitions company; and a partner at Wessex Investments, a private management office that manages private equity investments, investment strategies and nonprofit concerns.

Chad is active in philanthropy through the Hagan Family Foundation, founded by his father Robert Hagan.

He chairs the foundation program initiatives: HaganArts and HFF Nature Trust. Through HaganArts he has worked with leading artists and arts institutions in the US and Europe.

Through HFF Nature and other nature efforts Chad has visited five continents, summited high altitude mountains, and conducted explorations around the world. He spent childhood summers in Florida near the ecologically diverse Canaveral National Seashore and in the late 1990’s he spent a total of 65 days in the wilderness during an expedition in the four corners area of the US. He has since worked with leading conservationists, environmental thinkers and a few legendary nature personalities in the US and Europe, and has funded numerous environmental and conservation efforts.

Writing & Producing:
His book about family offices “Global Family Office Investing” was published by Palgrave in 2021. Active as an opinion writer & columnist for a number of publications; executive producer for various production companies (music, documentaries, film) including production companies affiliated with ZMI Arcadia, Hagan Arts Trust and Shogun Films.

Studied economics at Harvard University, and the London School of Economics and law and history at the University of London. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (London) and the Linnaean Society (London). In 2008 he married Emily Hagan (nee’ Wheeler), the daughter of author, poet and former federal judge Edd Wheeler.