Exhibit: David Driskell: Icons of Nature and History

Self portrait by the artist

Today I was fortunate enough to catch this exhibit at the High Museum. I brought a new camera but I only took a few pictures – it was hard to capture Driskell’s work on camera. Capturing exhibits on camera is always difficult, so I tend to try for bits and pieces. Not the case here. This show was unique in that the artists entire career seemed to have been expertly curated, showcasing a complete snapshot – emphasis on snapshot – of the artists depth and magnitude. There were as many collages as paintings, pieces framed under glass or ensconced in glass.

The exhibit was very powerful and the use of dark colors was a strong vibe, moody but bright, layered with history and intensity. Mr. Driskell’s iconic talent was apparent across multiple fields from wood cutting to drafting to collage and ultimately painting, all brilliantly curated and displayed. This is an exhibit I will revisit. Brilliant job.

On view until May 9, 2021 – https://high.org/exhibition/david-driskell-icons-of-nature-and-history/