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Review: Bartlett’s Shakespeare Quotations

From the publisher: “From the quote afficionado to the historical researcher, fans of Bartlett’s will be thrilled to see this edition of quotations from the great William Shakespeare. Collecting quotes from his many works into one beautiful volume, Bartlett’s Shakespeare Quotations is essential as a reference tool and makes for some wonderful browsing. Quotes culled from Bartlett’s Familiar Quotationsare organised by play or sonnet in … Continue reading Review: Bartlett’s Shakespeare Quotations

Reading The Classics For Six Months During Covid-19

Since lockdown began I took up the task of reading books I had neglected. I also chose to read books I had enjoyed in the past, and finally got around to a number of classical texts by Epictetus, Plato, Socrates, Thucydides, Aurelius and Pericles. A number of these works were new to me and ended spending the last six months reading through countless classical texts. … Continue reading Reading The Classics For Six Months During Covid-19

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